They believed that their country was subject to a preliminary treaty with the Most High and could never, as long as the world lasted, make a commitment incompatible with that pre-treaty. Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America`s largest dictionary, with: The reasons for the sentence are not given, but there may have been two – the alleged preliminary contract with the Earl of Northumberland, which the Earl refused under oath and at the Lord`s Supper, and the ancient affinity between Anne and Henry, which results from the King`s relationship with 2Generally. Any contract or agreement previously concluded, in particular one that excludes the conclusion of another similar contract. . An existing contract that provides for the conclusion of another contract of the same nature: a preliminary marriage contract. “The free dictionary.” Why do “left” and “right” mean liberal and conservative? Late 15th century; first use in parliamentary roles. From the pre- + contract, according to the post-classical Latin precontractus pre-existing marriage contract and Anglo-Norman pre-contract, pre-contract, pre-contract. Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 out of 6): England (6 out of 12) Richard the First You need – there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you`re looking for one that`s only included in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged dictionary. 1 (Usually passive). (a person) to be included in a previous marriage contract; to be affiliated or committed beforehand. Now mainly historical. 1A pre-existing marriage contract. Now mainly historical.

Describe 2020 in one word? We asked, you answered. Perhaps he also knew or had good reason to believe that Eleanor Butler`s pre-contract story was not the case. Middle English Precontracte, de Pre- + Contracte, Contract contract – Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph The most dishonest compliments and what to do instead the 12th daie of Maie, the daughter ladie Berengaria of the King of Nauarre was after a preliminary contract vnto king ge marit But for my preliminary contract I had tried a long time ago to win them, and had been a happier man, perhaps. .