We offer a service availability guarantee of 99.9% (“Service Availability Guarantee”) of available time per month. If we do not maintain this guarantee of service availability in a given month (as determined solely by us), you may contact us and request a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting fee for that month. The credit can only be used to purchase additional products and services from us and is exclusive of applicable taxes. The Service Availability Guarantee does not apply to service interruptions caused by: (1) scheduled regular maintenance or repairs that we may perform from time to time; (2) interruptions caused by you through custom scripting, coding, or the installation of third-party applications; (3) failures that do not affect the appearance of your website, but only affect access to your website, such as FTP and email; (4) causes beyond our control or not reasonably foreseeable, including, but not limited to, DDOS attacks and IP blacklists; and (5) failures related to the reliability of certain programming environments. A widely used application is shared web hosting. The price of shared web hosting is lower than that of a dedicated web server, as many clients can be hosted on a single server. It is also very common for a single entity to want to use multiple names on the same computer so that the names can reflect the services offered and not the location where those services are hosted. We reserve the right to modify, modify or discontinue third-party software at any time, and you agree to cooperate in performing the steps necessary to install updates to the third-party software. The Third Party Software is not sold or distributed to you, and you may use the Third Party Software only as part of the Services.

You may not use the Third Party Software outside of the Services. We may share your personal information with third parties to the extent necessary to provide the third-party software. You acknowledge and agree that your use of the Third Party Software is subject to our agreements with the Third Party Providers. If the Third Party Software is accompanied or required to consent to a Third Party License or Service Agreement, your use of the Third Party Software is subject to that service or license agreement. .