Acceptance: A time change (or bill of exchange) that the subscriber has accepted and is unconditionally required to pay on the due date. The action of the Drawee to receive a draft and therefore to conclude the obligation to pay its value at maturity. An agreement to purchase goods under certain conditions. DELTA NOVEL: Operating through a comprehensive global network of subsidiaries ensures fast and safe delivery and collection anywhere in the world and maintains active exchange agreements with all major shipping/airline companies. Assignment: The transfer of rights, obligations, responsibilities and/or benefits of an agreement, contract or financial instrument to third parties. Air freight: an agreement on a steamboat line, at a given time and at a specified price, to make available a cargo space on a ship to accommodate an exporter or importer who then becomes liable when he is not able to make the shipment afterwards. By the way, a sentence that relates to the side of a ship. Goods intended to be delivered “with” must be placed on the dock or barge within reach of the transport vessel so that they can be loaded abroad. World Cargo Alliance is the world`s largest network of independent carriers and covers more than 5,000 member offices in 190 countries around the world. .

Advance Against Documents: burdens on the security of documents covering the shipment. Air Cargo Agent: Is a type of freight forwarder who specializes in air cargo and works for airlines that pay him a fee (usually 5%). It is registered with the International Air Transport Association, IATA (see also Air Freight Forwarder; Freight forwarder, freight forwarder, foreign freight forwarder). Ad Valorem (“in value”): Fixed percentage of the value of goods used to calculate duties and taxes. Advantages of container loading service: LCL / National and international truck services Door-to-door services worldwide Selection of several carriers more. DELTA NOVEL: Engage its customers EDI supports 24/7 for loading status, notifications, invoices, information on accessories, PODs, BOL and other documents related to loading. Affiliate: Is a corporation that controls or is controlled by another corporation or is one of two or more frequently controlled corporations. DELTA NOVEL: The company`s extensive customer base includes regular importers of commercial freight, leading high-tech companies, defense industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, perishables, and special project loads that require a higher level of shipping expertise, as well as third parties and direct/cross-shipments. Automated Brokerage Interface (ABI): An electronic system that allows customs brokers and importers to be in contact with U.S. Customs using a computer to submit incoming summary and entry data on imported goods. . This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it! ]]> arbitration clause: Is a standard clause to be included in exporters` and importers` contracts, as proposed by the American Arbitration Association. It states that any controversy or claim will be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. .