The rightful owner of the trust and the person responsible for managing the trust for the benefit of the beneficiary of the trust, in accordance with the fiduciary agreement, applicable trust laws and the Fiduciary Duties Act. The agent can be the settlor or someone else (as was discussed later, if the configuration is the agent, there may be adverse tax consequences). A number of trustees may be selected by the settlor and must act unanimously, unless otherwise provided in the fiduciary agreement. However, to ensure that no income is granted to the Settlor, there should be an independent agent, for example. B a friend or business advisor. In accordance with regulatory and compliance rules, consultants should not be placed in a position of real or presumed conflict of interest, which implies that they do not accept an appointment of agent for a client, except in accordance with the company`s guidelines. Judy Smith in trust for Susie Smith): A trust agreement or formal deed is usually designed by a lawyer and identifies the settlor, trust, agent and beneficiaries. Finally, all directors are considered decision-makers in all matters of the trust and make these decisions based on the provisions of the trust agreement. Among these questions is the search for answers to any questions that beneficiaries may have before making the decision. .