The employee`s obligation to maintain the confidentiality and security of confidential information is maintained even after the end of the employee`s employment in the company and lasts as long as such confidential information remains a trade secret. Imagine, for example, that the receiving party uses the secret information in two products, but not in a third. You are aware that the receiving party is in violation of the agreement, but you are willing to authorize it because you receive more money and you do not have a competing product. However, after a few years, you no longer want to allow the use of the secret in the third product. A waiver allows you to take legal action. The receiving party cannot defend itself by claiming that it has relied on your previous practice of accepting its infringements. Of course, the layout rotates in both directions. If you violate the agreement, you cannot rely on the other party to accept your behavior in the past. Patent (invention) NDA – Specially written to protect a patent or invention against employees, contractors or other third parties (3.) against sharing or copying the concept. Intern (internship) NDA – For an intern who has a temporary job. The provisions of a contract of employment in which a worker proposes to assign his rights to an invention to his employer do not apply to an invention which has not used the employer`s equipment, provisions, installations or trade secrets and which were developed only at the time of the worker and which do not relate to the employer`s activities or to the research or development expected of the employer.

The integration clause closes the door to oral or written promises. Do not sign an agreement if something is missing and do not accept the assurance that the other party will correct them later. What`s the best thing for your business to do? It depends on your secrets and how you reveal them. If your business is built around one or two secrets – for example, a famous recipe or formula – you can specifically identify the materials. You can also use this approach if you pass on one or two secrets to a contractor. If your business focuses on multiple categories of secret information, for example. B computer code, sales information and marketing plans, a list approach with employees and contractors works. If your business has a variety of secrets and is constantly developing new ones, you should identify the secrets in a targeted way.