Art. 578. The usufruit of an action to recover a property or a right or property has the right to take legal action and to compel the owner to give him a warrant for that purpose and to provide him with any evidence he has. If they acquit the thing claimed as a result of the execution of the act, the usufruit is limited to the fruits, the power remaining to the owner. (486) Article 598. Where the usufruit is made up of an entire estate and the owner has debts at the time of his statutes, the provisions of Articles 758 and 759 concerning donations apply both with regard to the maintenance of the usufruit and the obligation for the usufruit to pay those debts. The same rule applies when, at the time of the manufacture of the usufruit, the owner is required to make periodic payments, even if there is no known capital. (506) Article 602. The expenses, costs and debts of the shares in connection with the usufruit are borne by the usufruit. (512) Art.

601. The usufruit is required to inform the owner of any act of a third person of which he may be aware, which may harm property rights, and he is liable, if he does not, for any damage, as if it had been caused by his own fault. (511) Annual fruit levies. Annual taxes on fruit. Annual taxes on LandArt. 597. Taxes that can be levied directly on capital during the usufruit are the responsibility of the owner. If the latter paid them, the usufruit pays him reasonable interest on the sums that could have been paid of this nature; and if the aforementioned amounts have been advanced by the usufruit, it will recover the amount at the end of the usufruit.

(505) Art. 568. If the usufruit has leased the land or rental buildings given in the usufruit and the usufruit expires before the termination of the lease, he or his heirs and successors receive only the proportionate share of the rent to be paid by the tenant. (473) 1. When the naked owner and the usufruit are involved in the bonuses and the property is destroyed. If the owner builds a new building, the usufruit continues the new building. If the owner does not build or rebuild a new building, the naked owner will receive the insurance allowance, but should pay the interest to the usufruit. The naked owner is not normally allowed to sell the usufruit to another after selling it to usufruit, but if he does, the rules for double sales apply 1.