“The agreement includes a $450 pro-rata bonus, higher weekday wages and higher wage rates on weekends and weeknights.” It did not retain the benefits of the agreement, including higher base rates and a down payment of $450, to compensate for the inconvenience. Mr. Dwyer stated that the new agreement was also limited to the conditions of the SDA, which were highly appreciated by kmart employees and which were obtained for several years. “The new agreement also protects home wages by maintaining higher base rates for the wages of existing workers, while ensuring that all Kmart employees receive a pay increase every six months.” “Kmart employees were very clear about what they wanted in this new agreement,” said Gerard Dwyer, Secretary of State for the SDA. “It has never been tested before, and no other enterprise agreement has been so close to the minimum,” he says. Classifications The proposed agreement has a new classification structure: No 20% reduction in the part-time clause Without agreement, the basic hours of part-time work (or contract) cannot be reduced. “We are particularly pleased that the new Kmart agreement contains a total of five days of domestic violence leave, two paid in full and three unpaid.” Kmart employees overwhelmingly signed a new collective agreement for companies, which maintained higher base wages and higher rates on weekends and weeknights. This is particularly true for some workers for whom the agreement “has generally been only more advantageous than the allocation at a relatively short distance.” For the first time in a decade, Kmart paved the way for a new enterprise agreement to restore all penalty interest, agreeing to remove strict requirements that workers use the union`s superannuation fund. Mr. Cullinan is now asking Kmart to immediately reinstate penalties, even without authorization, and to pay staff with additional payments.

It is therefore not satisfied that the agreement has been “actually agreed”. A new collective agreement for companies, which brings wages home and blocks them under hard-won SDA conditions, won 91.7% of the vote for 32,000 Kmart employees. “Kmart employees are pleased that this agreement preserves these and many other conditions.” Parental Leave The new agreement maintains the current plan for 24 months of unpaid parental leave. The NES provides for 12 months of unpaid parental leave. The new agreement no longer provides for an increase in the government`s paid parental leave. Kmart staff will vote earlier this month on a new salary deal that will restore penalty interest. But the main reason for the Vice-President`s rejection of the agreement was that Kmart had allowed casual workers to vote if they were not available at the time or if they no longer worked in the company. The company also opposed the vote for some legitimate employees. Dwyer said the SDA was working very closely with Kmart workers to determine what they wanted from their new agreement. There was no basis for finding that Kmart was breaking the law by removing the electoral list from the Enterprise Agreement (EA) before the end of the elections and finding that the erroneous involvement of 1,422 employees did not disturb the 92% majority of the agreement.

The SDA will continue to keep you informed of your new agreement. For more information, visit www.national.sda.com.au/kmart. “We are very pleased that this new agreement, which brings the wages home and blocks payments under harshly requested SDA conditions, was supported by a “yes” vote of 91.7% of Kmart`s workers. Wages for day workers at other times will increase from the end of the agreement, then increase with the salary increase obtained by the SDA with the ACTU during the Fair Work Commission`s Annual Wage Review (AWR) (for example, we received a 3.5% increase this year and a 3.3% increase the previous year).