Chapter 1 – IntroductionChapitre 2 – Trends in co-development-dealmaking2.1. Introduction2.2. Definition of co-development agreements2.3. Success factors for co-development agreements2.4. When co-development can be useful2.5. Attributs de Co-Development-Deals2.6. Orient partners to make co-development work2.7. Trends in co-development agreements since 20142.7.1. Co-Development-Dealmaking per year, 2014-20192.7.2. Co-Development-Dealmaking after development phase, 2014-20192.7.3. Co-Development-Dealmaking by branch, 2014-20192.7.4.

Co-Development Dealmaking by Processing Branch, 2014-20192.7.5. Co-development-dealmaking by technology type, 2014-20192.7.6. Co-Development-Dealmaking by the most active company, 2014-20192.8. Possibility of development2.9. The future of co-development agreementsChapitre 3 – Overview of the structure of co-development agreements3.1. Introduction3.2. Pure versus Multi-component co-development deals3.3. Structure of pure co-development agreements3.3.1. Example of co-development agreements3.3.1.a. Case Study 1: Ambrx – Zhejiang Medicine3.3.1.b. Case Study 2: UniQure – ChiesiChapter 4 – Leading Co-development deals4.1.

Introduction4.2. Top Co-Development Deals by ValueChapitre 5 – Top 25 Most Active Co-Development Dealmakers5.1. Introduction5.2. Top 25 most active co-development dealmakersChapitre 6 – Co-Development Deal Term financials6.1. Introduction6.2. Co-Development Partnering Headline 6.3. Co-development agreement Advances6.4. Co-development of the payment agreement step by step6.5. Co-development feesChapt 7 – Co-development agreements, including the list of contracts7.1. Introduction7.2. Co-development agreements concluded between 2014 and 2019Annexe 1 – Dealmaking co-development by company A-ZAppendix 2 – Dealmaking co-development by industrial sector 3 – Co-Co-development development-Dealmaking by stage of developmentAnnex 4 – Co-Development-Dealmaking by therapeutic domainAnne 5 – Co-Development-Dealmaking by technology companies The analysis of the actual conclusion of contracts allows us to assess the following points: Dublin, 03.02.2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global Co-development Partnering Terms and Agreements in Pharma report , Biotech and Diagnostics 2014 to 2019″ has been added to ResearchAndMarketshin hinzugefü offer.