26. The proportions of poisoning…………. subject to this. III. Enter the good times and the right forms of verbs in parentheses: 8. The theme you are studying in this course listed in the school curriculum. 18. Mathematics is a difficult subject in school. VI. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in parentheses in the correct form: 11.

Contracts signed by the company (have) ………… was struck down because some provisions were not complied with. 17. The number of cows currently eating on the prairie. 8. The decision to merge the two companies…… The audience yesterday. . Question 17: The effects of smoking have been extremely harmful. For example, he will return to his country after completing his classes. 16. The box of ribbons for the electric typewriter (have) …….

. There was no room. The text above is the full text of the essay Harmony between subject and dynamics. Readers can check out the theory of this grammar document here: English Grammar: The Harmony Between Subject and Dynamics. In addition, teachers, parents and students can refer to many other English exam documents, such as: English language learning, English grammatical review practice, English online exam preparation, … is constantly updated to “Search for Answers.” For example, many students have a bike. Many students have a bike. . The study of how living things work is called philosophy. “A couple” – 2 people/objects/animals travelling together. .

Question 20: Jim and I… always busy doing English homework. 12. Ten miles (be) ……. A very long distance for us on foot. 19. Neither the mother nor the children are aware of the danger. 26. D 27.B 28.

At 29.C. Homology in combination with the single-use theme. . 16. His courage and perseverance tried to the end. Question 4: The United Nations… The new York headquarters. .

For example, the teacher and the secretary are talented. 8. The United States (a) population of 250 million. 15. The plan as well as the proposals………. The Committee on Eastern Europe will be presented at the next meeting on Monday.