In addition, during the CFE Adaptation Negotiations, NATO Member States and Russia will work with other States Parties to strengthen stability by developing measures to prevent a potentially threatening build-up of conventional forces in agreed regions of Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe. The benefits of CETA are visible on both sides of the Atlantic. Based on Statistics Canada data, trade between Canada and the European Union averaged $122 billion in the two years since CETA came into force, a 21.1% increase over the pre-CETA level of $101 billion in 2016. For its part, Oman has taken important steps to restructure and modernize its administrative apparatus, he said. The current phase of economic development under the Oman 2020-2040 vision is based on the principles of the basic status of the state and is applied in all sectors. Oman has also been actively involved in international and regional forums that have developed the Sustainable Development Goals, including by translating commitments into key elements of its ninth five-year development plan. Investments in youth are essential, he said, stressing the importance of providing them with the capacity and knowledge to ensure their effective participation in the growth and development process. Similarly, in the face of the constant and successive transformations of the world towards scientific and technological progress, if humanity is to remain the master of technology, we must find ways and means to work together better than before and from one phase to the next in the future. It fights against social exclusion and discrimination and promotes social justice and social protection, equality between women and men, intergenerational solidarity and the protection of children`s rights. Parliament and the Council jointly adopt legislation, such as regulations and directives, as part of the ordinary legislative procedure. Since the legislation is binding on member states, the EU is described as a supranational organisation. In almost all cases, the Council decides by qualified majority. As a result, a binding decision can be taken against the votes of the Member States.

If a Member State violates EU law – z.B by refusing to apply a regulation or transpose a directive into its national law – the European Court of Justice, which serves as the EU`s justice system, can fine that state. The European Union (EU) is a strategic partner for Canada. Canada-EU relations are based on shared values, a long history of close cooperation and a strong relationship between citizens. Our relations with the EU are the oldest formal relations that the EU has with an industrialised country dating back to 1959. Through the Canada-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement and the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), we are working more closely than ever across the entire political spectrum, including foreign policy, global peace and security policy, trade and investment and development cooperation. 3. The Council adopts a decision establishing the specific procedures for ensuring rapid access to EU budget funds for emergency funding of initiatives under the common foreign and security policy and, in particular, preparatory activities for the tasks covered by Article 42, paragraph 1, and Article 43. It acts after consultation with the European Parliament.

The General Affairs Council ensures consistency in the work of the various Council formations. It prepares the follow-up of the European Council meetings in conjunction with the President of the European Council and the Commission and ensures that these meetings are followed. Judges and attorneys general of the Court of Justice and judges of the Tribunal are chosen from among those whose independence is beyond doubt and who meet the conditions set out in Articles 253 and 254 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.