9. Members who, in accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1, have notified their intention not to uphold the right to use Article 6, are considered, for the purposes of this agreement, to be holders of their textile and clothing products at the 1994 GATT. These members are therefore exempt from compliance with paragraphs 6 to 8 and 11. 13. During the first stage of this agreement (from the effective date of the WTO agreement until the 36th month in which it is in force, including), the level of any restrictions under the bilateral MfAB agreements, in effect for the 12-month period prior to the entry into force of the WTO agreement , is increased each year by less than the growth rate set for these restrictions. 16%. Recalling that the ministers of Punta del Este agreed that the negotiations in the textile and clothing sector aim to establish modalities for the possible integration of this sector into the GATT, on the basis of strengthened GATT rules and disciplines, thus contributing to further trade liberalisation; 3. If the 12-month period to be notified under paragraph 1 does not coincide with the 12-month period prior to the entry into force of the WTO agreement, the members concerned should agree on provisions to bring the time limit of the restrictions into line with the contractual year (2) and to define the notional principles of those restrictions in order to implement the provisions of this article. Concerned members agreed to consult immediately, upon request, to reach such an agreement. These agreements are taken into account, among other things, by the seasonal models of recent years. The results of these consultations are communicated to the TMB, which makes recommendations it deems appropriate for the members concerned. (a) exports of hand-made fabric fabrics from the steel industry or artisanal products from the steel industry from these hand fabrics or from traditional handmade textile and clothing products from Member States, provided these products are properly certified in accordance with the agreements reached between the members concerned; 9.

Details of the agreed restraint measure are communicated to the TMB within 60 days of the conclusion of the agreement. The TMB determines whether the agreement is justified under this section. The TMB is made available to the TMB of factual data provided to the President of the TMB in accordance with paragraph 7, as well as any other relevant information provided by the members concerned. The TMB may make recommendations that it deems appropriate for the members concerned. 1. Members agreed that bypassing by transshipment, diversion, misrepresenting land or places of origin, and falsifying official documents nullifies the implementation of this agreement to integrate the textile and clothing sector into the 1994 GATT.