Check a customer`s terms and conditions in your rental agreement. Often, leases limit the number of days specified, consecutive or total, a customer can stay in the unit without being checked and added to the contract. The owner may require that a frequent visitor be screened and have his name included in the rental agreement if he exceeds the number of days allowed for visitors. I called the bank and went to two different branches and they strongly advised me not to give them the account information on the direct deposit. They said they could use my information to do bad things. I even asked for the same thing on a separate account for each tenant. Always bad, they said. I will not have it, but whatever I say, what they told me. The next step is to complete an application for your potential new home. Landlords and property managers use rental applications as part of their screening process to determine whether potential tenants will be good tenants.

Here`s everything you need to know to pass the process smoothly: likewise, anyone who has the ability to hack into a law firm server won`t go after two dozen client accounts — they`ll go after a big game, I expect. I think identity theft usually happens on a larger scale — someone gets millions of information from Time Warner, say — or on a smaller scale. The only time I really shook was when someone increased my wallet on the train and opened dozens of credit cards like me. As a general precaution, virtually all “password” accounts can be protected by calling the company/bank to ask them to add a password to indicate before someone can change the account or obtain information. Credit card companies and most banks will do so. It`s not infallible, but it`s a free and extra level of security that you can have. This way, no one can call and change the address of your accounts, get balances, create new passwords, etc. It`s better than nothing.

Could you inform your tenants of your bank transfer and bank account number so they can deposit their rent directly into your bank account? Providing an account statement is not unusual; Maybe it`s the idea of your bank account number for an app that throws you away. Regardless of this, it is not uncommon for landlords to request this information or for tenants to make it available for the reasons mentioned above. Your best security is probably that no one really wants. I tell my clients that I have the Social Security numbers and birth dates of people much more famous and richer than them (I drop a name in general) and I tell them that if I go wrong, I`m not going to start with them.