Relaunch of the underlying dispute instead of the use of the agreement If the procedure has already been closed, see practical note: Application of transaction agreements concluded after the start of the procedure. If the parties have settled their dispute before the proceedings through the implementation of a contractual agreement, but if one party does not respect the commitments they have signed, the other party must initiate a procedure to implement the contractual terms by arguing the terms of the agreement by: if the parties agree to settle their dispute before the start of the proceedings. , then there is no procedure to be suspended or terminated. Therefore, there is generally no obligation to incorporate the transaction in a judgment or order. The issues raised by the application of the terms of the comparison are therefore different. by the offer and acceptance under RPC 36 (before the action Part 36) Damages and interests in asserting an action for breach The main task of the incumbents of function holders in the event of private and corporate insolvency is to recover and distribute to the creditors of the company or the individual assets belonging to a company or an individual. Office holders have different obligations and powers to achieve this. For a title certificate (also called a title certificate), a certain type of title report is available. When lawyers are charged with investigating property ownership (for example. B if the land is acquired or offered as collateral), they will write a report on their client`s title stating that the parties have entered into a contract with one of the following methods: attempting to impose its terms by a declaration action or a defined benefit.