17. Non-compulsory retirement 18. Mobility 19. Appeal procedures 20. Disciplinary procedures 21. Staff manual and employment policy 22. Cessation of the employment relationship 23. Data protection 24. Changes in employment conditions 25. Severability 26. The affirmation of this work-sharing contract is in open format.

Enter the necessary details in the highlighted fields, or adjust the text for your purposes. Employers should always discuss this possibility with contractors before entering into a job-sharing contract. This sample form describes various common and individual tasks that must be performed and coordinated between employees as part of a division of labour agreement and documents the agreement of each staff member. Job sharing has become a form of part-time work and increasingly popular as flexible work, as it provides flexibility to the employees concerned and the company, especially when there is some overlap in the work hours of the employment shareholder, which are installed in busy periods. The employment contract provides for a structured form of part-time work in which two people share a job. The tasks of each operation are distributed and the hours, salaries and benefits of full-time employment are divided directly into the number of hours worked by each employee. This contract, designed to be simple on the basis of a 50/50 distribution of workload, includes the time during which the two workers “overlap” to ensure continuity in the office. This contract contains an important clause that clarifies what happens when a job-sharing partner decides to leave the company or be transferred within the company. It ensures that the employer has maximum flexibility to deal with such a situation. Designed to print on all inkjet and laser printers You want to open this document in online publication? 1. Generality 2.

Scope 3. Functions and professional title 4. Start/date of continuous employment 5 hours of work 6. Workplace 7. Work outside the UK This shared employment contract covers the requirements of a standard form section a declaration. From April 6, 2020, there will be new rules, which must be included in a written statement for newcomers, and existing staff will be able to request a written statement in accordance with the new rules. This contract complies with these requirements and must be submitted to the worker until the first working day.